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Audience Personas & Digital Content

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

2018 - 2019

AppJobs Global is a digital platform that helps people navigate the gig economy. The platform is a marketplace for app-based jobs like Uber and Foodora. It provides curated information for gig workers and gig platforms alike, with the purpose to enable viable solutions for flexible work.

As a Community Marketing Manager at AppJobs, I have created, implemented and optimized digital marketing funnels for the acquisition and retention of community members across +100 cities & +10 languages. Here are some highlights of this journey.

Audience personas and segmented content

  • Concluded the research and definition of user personas lead to the production of segmented content for the company's blog, Community Stories - which I coordinated for the period I worked there.

Brand, UX & SEO

  • With a focus on user intent and SEO keywords, the brand messaging was developed from Appjobs to Appjobs - Making money with apps. Nowadays, this tagline has changed as the focus of the company has evolved.

Email & Marketing Automation

  • Developed and deployed automated email-marketing communication for different gig worker persona segments. Optimized content by A/B testing subject lines, content, and automated flows.

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