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Updated: Jul 27

2016 - 2021

The Newbie Guide to Sweden is a digital platform that informs newcomers about practical life in Sweden.

I first joined the project as a social media volunteer, when I contributed with digital content strategy and production. After two years of successful organic growth on social media channels, exciting partnerships, and the arrival of new team members, I became a partner and mentor for other digital marketing volunteers.

More recently, I contributed to the set up and management of a CRM system and email marketing automation strategy. I was also happy to have participated in the business concept and product launch of Newbie Learn, an e-learning platform powered by The Newbie Guide to Sweden.

Find some highlights below.

Social Media

Expanded Social Media reach, notably on Facebook (from 3,500 to over 12,000 followers), with a user-centered strategy, development of the brand voice, and creative design and copywriting, leading to a 100% increase in website visitors over 2 years.

Volunteer mentorship program

Mentorship program aimed to develop the digital marketing skills of female newcomers who contribute to the project as volunteers.

CRM & Email Marketing

Management of CRM and email marketing campaigns for segmented audiences, from creative conception to execution and optimization.

Newbie Learn

Participated in the launch of the Newbie Learn, an e-learning platform for newcomers, from business concept to execution.

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