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B2B Digital Marketing & Corporate Communications

Updated: Mar 16

2021 - current

Nefab is a global industrial packaging and logistics services provider that offers solutions for customers in industries such as Telecom/Datacom, Energy, E-mobility, Aerospace, Healthcare, and more. Here is some of my contribution to Nefab, where I currently work as a Group Marketing Coordinator.

Corporate Communications

Project lead and content production of corporate communication initiatives for internal and external channels. Some examples include:

Product Launches

Project management, bringing together stakeholders from Sales and Marketing, and coordinating briefings and deliverables with external providers. Video script and content production/SEO strategy for internal and external channels, including landing pages, product pages, blog posts, and LinkedIn. Also collaborated in the development of PPTs, brochures, leaflets, trade show screen videos, case studies, and other support material.


Project manager and content producer for the LinkedIn content program, coordinating the content schedule with different stakeholders in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.


Part of the team responsible to develop and activate a new brand voice, including new messaging, images, assets, and internal guidelines.

  • Collaboration to the Visual Identity Guidelines (internal/corporate material)

  • Coordination of the Brand Management Center (internal/corporate material)

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