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B2B Digital Marketing & Corporate Communications

Updated: Mar 13

2021 - current

Nefab is a global industrial packaging and logistics services provider that offers solutions for customers in industries such as Telecom/Datacom, Energy, E-mobility, Aerospace, Healthcare, and more. Here is some of my contribution to Nefab, where I currently work as a Group Marketing Coordinator.


Corporate Communications

Project lead and content producer/editor for internal and external communication initiatives and channels, optimizing processes, ensuring timely execution, and aligning budget, processes, and KPIs with multiple stakeholders. Some examples include:

Nefab Employee Magazine: leads the project, coordinates the content production and art direction, produces content.
Annual Report and Company Brochure: leads the project, coordinates the content production and art direction, produces content.

Contributes with the organization and creation of promotional material for corporate events. Also photographs and writes articles for internal channels.
Nefab Museum: project lead for the renovation of the company's museum, with new installations, tech equipment, graphic art, and exhibition concept.

Brand governance: project lead for the implementation of a new Digital Assets Management system, as well as creation and maintenance of the brand assets included.

Product Launches

Project management, coordinating briefings and deliverables with internal and external stakeholders. Also contributes with the campaign concept and content production of marketing materials such as landing pages, video scripts, blog posts, and social media content. Other content includes PPTs, brochures, leaflets, posters, roll-ups, trade show panels, and other.

LinkedIn highlights

Production of social media content and support for employer branding. Contributed to the increase in the number of the page followers (from 15k to 35k) in over 2 years by creating and coordinating a process for content production across regions and functions.

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