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My name is Natália, welcome to my portfolio! I bring a decade of experience in Marketing & Communication roles in international and cross-functional teams, having worked with both B2B and B2C companies. During this time, I have been doing a bit of everything, from copywriting to digital marketing, brand development, and corporate communications.

Are you curious? Explore some cases below!

Fun fact: I teach yoga and make some art in my free time :-)



Cengiz Han, Head of Marketing & Growth at Finiata (Germany)

"It was indeed a great pleasure working with Natália. Self-driven professional, trustworthy colleague and good friend. She is really expert in email/messaging flows, user journey, and user personas.Any employee would be lucky to have Natália as a community builder/manager."

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Julieta Spoerer, Founder & CEO of The Newbie Guide to Sweden (Sweden)

"Natalia is the rare mix of strategic thinking, project management skills and a huge amount of creativity in both writing and design. I first met Natalia when she came on as a volunteer on The Newbie Guide to Sweden but it did not take long before her skill and passion meant I started giving her more and more responsibilities. Today I am proud to say that I could not ask for a better co-owner and partner for The Newbie Guide to Sweden."

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Fernando Filho, CEO of
WHF Service Design (Brazil)

"We worked together at WHF, a Brazilian service design company. I'm one of the partners an I am very thankfull for all the time that Natália has worked with us. She made our company better. Natália is a talented hard worker and an awesome person."

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